The project aims to develop and promote environmentally friendly, multimodal transport solutions from the ports in the SEE programme area (Black Sea, Aegean, Adriatic) to inland countries and regions along a selected pilot transnational network.

The project was approved in the third call "strategic" of the "South-Eastern Europe" Programme for transnational territorial cooperation and financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Italian Law no. 183, April 16 1987, C.I.P.E. resolution n. 36 of 15 June 2007.

The project identified and carried out the study on four pilot routes of integration of transport of goods by road-rail-water:
1- Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Beograd (Serbia) - Thessaloniki (Greece)
2- Verona (Italy) – Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Zagreb (Croatia) – Beograd (Serbia) - Constanta (Romania)
3- Bari (Italy) – Bar (Montenegro)/Durres (Albania) – Jagodina/Beograd (Serbia)
4- Bratislava (Slovakia) - Budapest (Hungary) – Bucharest/Constanta (Romania)

The project has also developed and established a network of “Multimodal Development Centre" with the aim of integrating and networking the different regions of the SEE area involved in the project and the stakeholders in the transport sector to coordinate more efficient and sustainable freight transport.

The project has also carried out a study on the externalities of environmental costs of freight transport and it was signed a Memorandum of understanding on green transportation between the project partners with the aim to engage in the future in the containment and management of these environmental costs and make multimodal transportation a real alternative to road transport only.

Please, refer to the project outputs on the project website