The project embraces 13 partners from five countries and it is coordinated by AustriaTech. It aims at enhancing the mobility of Central European citizens by providing interoperable and multimodal traveller information service. Central part in EDITS is the adoption of a specified EDITS Graph Integration Platform (EDITS-GIP) and commonly agreed EDITS-GIP-Interface to allow the exchange of traffic related information among regions.

Approved within the framework of territorial cooperation Programme Central Europe 2007-2013, co-financed by ERDF fund, it includes a pilot project implementation for the cross-border area Italy-Austria-Sovenia, coordinated by FVG Region in cooperation with project partners CEI and Asfinag.

The Demonstration area Austria – Italy – Slovenia covers the cross-border triangular area linking the cities of Villach (AT) – Udine (IT) – Ljubljana (SI).T he pilot within the demonstration area Austria-Italy-Slovenia focuses on individual transport and demonstrates the cross-border exchange of traffic messages among the road operators ASFINAG (Austria), Autovie Venete (Italy) and DARS (Slovenia) in order to provide cross-border information about traffic states. In accordance with the European specifications the EDITS partners within this triangle area defined a European Standard as common basis. Therefore the EDITS partners are taking a leading role in Europe as they demonstrate the exchange of the data in the DATEX II format.