2014 – 2020 New Programming Period

The ERDF OP 2014-2020 of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region

With the EC decision (2015) 4814 of 14/07/205 the European Commission has approved the Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 “Investments for growth and jobs” of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
The Programme has an overall allocation of resources (ERDF, State, Region) equal to € 230.779.184,00 structured in 5 thematic Axis corresponding to specific Thematic Objectives (TO) referred to in art. 9 of the 1303/2013 Regulation:
Axis I – TO1 – Strengthen research, technological development and innovation: 77 M Euros
Axis II - TO3 – Promote competitiveness of small and medium enterprises: 76 M Euros
Axis III - TO4 – Support the transition towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors: 57 M Euros
Axis IV – Urban Development: 11 M Euros
Axis V - TA – Technical Assistance: 9,2 M Euros

The initiatives are aimed at:

  1. Boosting employment
  2. Creating new start-ups
  3. Collaborations between enterprises and research centres
  4. Encouraging investments by the production system
  5. Energy conversion of public buildings and urban development

The programme includes the Regional Strategy to re-launch the mountain region and the “Inland Areas” strategy for an overall amount of 11 M Euros.
The ERDF OP 2014 2020 is available for consultation in the “Documents” section.
ERDF OP 2014-2020 contact persons are:
Managing authority
Lydia Alessio - Vernì
Central management for production activities, trade, cooperation, agricultural and forestry resources
Central vice-director
Manufacturing area
Address: TRIESTE - Via Trento 2
Deputy Managing authority
Giorgio Paris
Director of the Management Department for Community Funds
Address: TRIESTE - Via Udine 9
Phone: 040 3775928
Support for the programme coordination
Alessandro Mastromonaco
Address TRIESTE - Via Udine 9
Phone: 040 3775951
Management and control systems
Pietro Sbuelz
Address: UDINE - Via Sabbadini, 31
Phone: 0432555796
Intermediate bodies and ex ante conditionality: Smart specialisation strategy, Small Business ACT
Giada Gamba
Address: TRIESTE - Via Udine 9
Phone: 0403775950
Monitoring and assessment systems
Ivano Trevisanutto
Address: TRIESTE - Via Udine 9
Phone: 0403775971

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