Technical assistance.

The specific goal of Axis 6 is to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the action played by regional technical-administrative bodies, within the framework of the OP programming and implementation by means of technical-support interventions for management and control, evaluation and visibility of the Program, in both the design and implementation phase. 
The Axis is handled by the Managing Authority, which implements all those actions to coordinate and support the work of a series of subjects and bodies, including external consultancies, involved in the ROP ERDF.

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ACTIVITY 6.1.a Consultancy and technical assistance
- Central Direction for culture, sport, international and European relations, EU funds’ management Bureau.
D.G.R. n. 1384 of 2 August 2012 – amendment of the sheet of activities and integration of the priority operation “assistance and consultancy initiatives for regional bodies aiming at the program’s planning, management and control”.
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ACTIVITY 6.1.b Consultancy and technical assistance
- Central Direction for international and European relations. EU policies Bureau D.G.R. n. 244 of 11 February 2010 – acquisition of hardware and software tools and approval of the list of priority operations – approval of the sheet of activities.
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ACTIVITY 6.2.a Consultancy and technical assistance
- International and EU Relations. Eu polices Bureau.
D.G.R. n. 1968 of 27 August 2009 – replacement of the sheet of activities and amendment and integration of the priority operations for the regional administration to be directly implemented. 
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