EA SEA WAY strategic project is financed under Priority Axis 3 “accessibility and networks” of the IPA Cross Border Programme 2007-2014. The aims is to “strengthen the sustainable development capacity of the Adriatic Region through an agreed strategy of actions among the partners of the territories”.

The general objective of EA SEA WAY strategic project is to improve the accessibility and the mobility of passengers across the Adriatic-Ionian area and its hinterland, through the development of new cross border, sustainable and integrated transport services and the improvement of physical infrastructures related to those new services”.

EA SEA Way strategic relevance lies in the need for a global approach and shared solution to overcame present infrastructure and modal unbalances and fostering integration among different countries (in EU and non –EU) by considering the Adriatic basin as a single area.

The specific objectives of the project are:
1- Increase passenger traffic flow in the Adriatic basin;
2- Better integration of Adriatic-Ionian port system with hinterland and airports, rail yards, urban area and main tourist destinations by sustainable public transport services;
3- Improve passenger services in the Adriatic-Ionian area;
4- Promote and encourage a more suitable and efficient passenger transport through the Adriatic basin and among the Adriatic-Ionian Countries;
5- Change the passenger behaviors towards more sustainable transport modes.

The project reflects also the objectives of the Adriatic Ionian Marco-Region strategy with a specific focus on the improvement of accessibility and communications with the western Balkan through maritime cooperation and new infrastructure projects.

The Central Directorate Infrastructure and Territory has managed to sustain the maritime line connecting passengers by hydrofoil from Trieste to Slovenia (Piran) and Istria (Rovinj and Pula) in the summer 2014 and aims to make this more efficient connecting service and sustainable over time.

Please, refer to the project outputs on the project website www.easeaway.eu